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Standards for the NZFG

Vision Statement

All New Zealanders knowingly using the Feldenkrais Method to live, learn, and move with ease.

Training and Qualification

Formal Training

Attendance of a four year Feldenkrais® training programme accredited by the Australasian Training Accreditation Board (AusTAB).
The training programme consists of 800 hours of training in the Feldenkrais Method®, Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®
The student must receive 12 Functional Integration lessons in addition to the 800 hours of the training programme.

Experience Credits

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners in New Zealand are required to undergo a continuing education programme plus minimum hours in practice, set down by the New Zealand Feldenkrais® Guild Inc. in order to receive an annual practicing certificate and to be eligible to use the Guild owned Feldenkrais related service marks and logo.


Accredited by The International Feldenkrais Federation as a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (CFP) entitled to practice Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® professionally.

the guild

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