benefits of the feldenkrais method

Feldenkrais® in the Media

Scoop Sci-tech, Sept 27 2012

UC student doing world first research on spinal cord injury
A University of Canterbury (UC) PhD student is carrying out world first research on spinal cord injuries using the Feldenkrais method to provide people the chance to recover movement and stability.
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Creative Tauranga, Sept 2012

Body Awareness key to improved Performance
A body movement class where you may fall asleep, but finish standing a centimetre taller and more flexible in your joints is gaining momentum in Tauranga, among athletes, dancers, professionals and children alike.
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NZ Herald 31, March 2012

I've come to see Caryn Truppman today because I have been wheezing a bit after exercise, a mild exercise-induced asthma, my GP has diagnosed. And while I have been supplied with an inhaler, I would rather find a more natural alternative. I am told Caryn is excellent at helping people with breathing ...
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Sunday Star Times, 04 March 2012

Old habits die hard they say. But, as Megan Nicol Reed discovers, stubborn tensions can dissolve when you learn easier ways to move.
If nothing else he promised, you'll feel enlivened yet relaxed, light yet grounded. Sign me up I said ...
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Otago Daily Times, 28 May 2011

Retraining your body and brain to function more effectively and spontaneously with less effort, stress or pain sounds like a dream for most of us but 50 years ago an Israeli scientist developed a method that claims to do this. Charmian Smith tries some Feldenkrais.
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Feldenkrais - a personal view

by Gillian Bibby (musician), who regularly attends classes in Wellington

“I have never been so comfortable in myself in my entire life.”
It is difficult to describe Feldenkrais in one word, as it addresses so many of the body’s movements, has so much variation in the exercises and takes so many different directions.
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benefits of the feldenkrais method

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