benefits of the feldenkrais method

Effects of a Feldenkrais ATM sequence on fibromyalgia patients. 

Research Forum Program abstracts of the Annual Conference of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, Los Angeles.
Dean, J.R. & Yuen, S.A. (1998)

A study with five subjects with fibromyalgia using ATM lessons over a period of eight weeks.  They reported improvements in posture, gait, and body awareness and significant improvements in pain reduction, sleep and fatigue levels

Use of Awareness Through Movement, a Feldenkrais Method, for Individuals with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. 

Master's thesis.  Chester, PA, Widener University
Herrera,S., Lawless,R., Masaitis, C. et al. (1999)

A study of eight people with fibromyalgia using a repeated measures design with a baseline control period followed by three weeks of ATM.  The variability in the baseline period made conclusions about the effects of ATM impossible;; however, six of the eight people reported improvements in functional self efficacy.

benefits of the feldenkrais method

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