benefits of the feldenkrais method

Body  awareness therapy for patients with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. 


Gard, G. 2005

There are several therapies  designed to increase body awareness. They are commonly known as body  awareness therapies (BAT) and include Basic BAT, Mensendieck and Feldenkrais  therapy. A focus on emotions is important in all these therapies. In this  article the aim and development of Basic BAT is described together with  evaluations of treatments including Basic BAT. Multidisciplinary studies have  shown that Basic BAT can increase health-related quality of life and  cost-effectiveness. However Basic BAT needs to be further studied in relation  to patients with fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic pain. Studies so far indicate  that Basic BAT has positive effects.


American Journal of Pain Management
(AJPM) Vol. no. 1 January 1999

By David Bearman, MD, and Steven Shafarman 

A preliminary study was undertaken to determine both the efficacy and cost effectiveness of the Feldenkrais Method for treatment of Medicaid recipients with chronic pain at the Santa Barbara Regional Health Authority (SBRHA). SBRHA staff wished to offer treatment for chronic pain patients beyond what is provided for in the Medicaid scope of benefits.

Conventional intensive chronic pain treatment programs costs range from $ 7,000 to $ 30,000 and are not covered by regular Medicaid benefits. Patients with chronic headaches and/or musculoskeletal problems were enrolled in the study. Seven patients began the program; all completed it. Patient satisfaction, function and perception of pain were evaluated by using the National Pain Data Bank (NPDB) protocol of the American Academy of Pain Management.

Participants reported more mobility and decreased perception of pain, both immediately after the program and in a one-year follow-up questionnaire.

Results compared quite favourably with NPDB comparison groups. Cost effectiveness calculations were based on Medicaid costs for one-year periods pre- and post-intervention. Patient costs dropped from an average of $141 per month to $82 per month. This represents a 40% savings.

Gait assessment by three dimensional motion analysis in subjects with chronic low back pain treated according to Feldenkrais principles: an exploratory study. 

Unpublished Manuscript.  Lund, Sweden, Lund University, Department of Physical Therapy.
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The authors did a kinematic assessment of gait before and after 10 Functional Integration (FI) lessons in 10 patients with chronic back pain.  Pelvic obliquity in the pain group was decreased compared with a healthy control group throughout the study and pelvic rotation increased after FI in the pain group. Walking velocity was unchanged. There was no assessment of the effects of FI on the pain itself.

Acute back pain-treatment by application of Feldenkrais principles.

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Case summaries of six patients with back pain who had been unresponsive to other interventions.  All patients achieved relief from pain and accompanying postural changes were documented.

benefits of the feldenkrais method

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