benefits of the feldenkrais method

 Client Testimonials

"My experience with the Feldenkrais Method has made me more aware, not only of how I move my body, but on a holistic level, it has sharpened my awareness of my changing physical and emotional states."


" Now I can mix concrete again by hand, despite an old back injury."


"Since attending Feldenkrais classes, I have learnt how to use my structure better. Consequently, my back is so much better and I haven't needed to go back to the physio."


" I have found that Feldenkrais has been most beneficial for me in my recovery from a stroke. My whole body is freeing up, my head and neck are straight in line with my shoulders and chest through to my pelvis, leg and arm. My breathing has improved and my balance has also improved, all of which help me regain my confidence in life."

Ross M.

"Feldenkrais has helped me move and rest more easily and with greater comfort. Awareness through movement classes promote my sense of well being, challenge me to keep on learning and refining what I have learnt and best of all, they are a pleasure."


"Has improved the way I walk and helped with knee problems."


"David's gentle and reflective sessions over 6 months helped me to stop fighting against an injury I thought could only be fixed by an operation, and instead helped me to accept it, work with it and adjust the way I move.  In many respects I function better than I did before my injury and I am a lot more aware of my whole body too."

Robert L

"As a swimmer, Feldenkrais has given me an awareness of how important the hips/pelvic area is in my sport as well as life in general. As a short person, after attending Feldenkrais lessons, I walk taller."

Mary Garner

“I have experienced a huge improvement in my health and wellbeing since I began having a regular massage and attending Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement classes and Functional Integration sessions.”

"I no longer need to visit an osteopath or physiotherapist for treatment for OOS symptoms.The tension in my neck and shoulders has largely disappeared, and I rarely experience aches and pains in my lower back now."

"I am stronger, more flexible, and can move efficiently with less effort.  I feel more comfortable with my body.”


“I have had back problems for several years, and could find no permanent relief for the pain. I also more recently had a knee replacement operation, but this unfortunately accentuated my back problem. But after several sessions with Malaika, who I read about in the paper, my improvement has been amazing.”


“As a chef with hip pain, without Feldenkrais my job would have become more and more difficult.”

“I have learnt about my habitual patterns which were contributing to the pain and how to change them. Quite simply, with profound results. I know too that if I lie on the floor after work I can relieve shoulder and neck pain with simple gentle exercises.”

“Sometimes when I get migraines I have a table session which seems to put me back on track to helping myself.”

“The key and joy of Feldenkrais is the self help aspect and that you can do it anywhere any time without special equipment.”


“The Feldenkrais Method has added a whole new dimension to my overall health -- physical, emotional and intellectual. I came to the classes with a serious form of OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome) that produced chronic migraine-like headaches.”

“Feldenkrais has not provided a magic cure but has over the years given me a deeper insight into my bodily functioning. It has enabled self-learning that has led to a steady improvement in my chronic condition and many other health benefits besides. Particularly noticeable has been the greater ease and efficiency of my daily walking.”

“It has also enabled me to continue enjoying my favourite summertime recreational activity at an age where many others have retired owing to muscular and other physical conditions.”


“For me, the Feldenkrais Method is a continual learning and self awareness experience.  It has helped me to understand what I do, or what I’m about to do, to create tension in my shoulders and back.”

“Now I know what I can do to prevent myself getting into that state and to release tension when I get careless and ignore the warning signs.”


“I have found the study of the Feldenkrais Method to be extremely helpful in my quest to play the violin with greater ease, comfort and stamina.”

Helene, NZ String Quartet

 “During the years I have been attending  Feldenkrais classes  I have learned so much about the way my body functions, and how to access change for improved mobility. It's a great challenge and I feel very affirmed as I  leave the class feeling younger, lighter joyous and invigorated.”


“Feldenkrais offers the opportunity to explore the way we move and to learn about ourselves. It provides an insight into where we feel discomfort and what we are doing to exacerbate the problem. I feel exercised after a class yet the movements are so gentle.  The relaxation between movements is most welcome."

“Feldenkrais offers an alternative to the stereotype exercise regime of 'no pain no gain' - of overuse of certain muscle groups creating an imbalance in our structure with possible damage to hips, knees etc.”

“Elke has the ability to make the classes fun, informative and relaxing.  It is an hour in the week where external influences are excluded and we can just focus on ourselves.”


“My chronic shoulder pain is less and my hunch is a little less, my spine straighter and balance better.”


“I am in my 70s and have done some Feldy classes for a few years and went with my daughter-in-law to Chi Gong and she couldn’t do the movements but I could.”


“I have cerebral palsy and used to fall a lot, maybe four times a week. Now it is a year since I fell and I am learning to cook and draw.”


“My back is very curved and I used to need to use three pillows to sleep. Now I only need one and I am straighter and taller.”


benefits of the feldenkrais method

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