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Maureen Anderson

Nursing, Midwifery training
Feldenkrais Training: Auckland, NZ 2002
Sounder Sleep System Instructor

  • 68 Hillcrest Rd
    Raumati Beach
    Kapiti Coast 5032
  • ph; 04-299 1859 cell 0274 200 122
  • Email Maureen


I began nursing age 17 years, after my 3 years training and a further one year of specializing, I went and did midwifery training. This I loved and continued on as a midwife till I met up with the Feldenkrais Method. Since then I have worked as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.
I haven’t specialized with any particular age group. My clients have been age 90 years down to 10 year old. Some have come to improve flexibility, others to find easier positions for playing their musical instruments. Many have come to discover how they can get rid of pain, or gain better balance, improve their walking or make their gardening activities easier.


We all have our journeys in life, and the Feldenkrais Method gives wonderful tools to assist ones life. So I’ve found happiness, flexibility and much more. It stimulates me knowing I can learn so much more. Yet I’m very pleased with the tools I have acquired through my learning in this method, so far. 
If you are curious and wish to discover more about yourself, then contact in and a world of many choices as many as the colours of the rainbow can open up for you. Give yourself a challenge and come searching out the Feldenkrais Method to improve your self image, and so you can reach your full potential in your life.


Practitioner Profiles

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