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Sue Field

Feldenkrais Training: Sydney 1997
Feldenkrais Training Assisting Practitioner – Wellington I Training

Individual Lessons: Body Balance Clinic, 32 The Terrace
Classes: Wellington The Terrace, Mt Victoria and Karori

Half day and one day workshops in Wellington.

Ph: 04 4997255, 027 4667123
Email Sue


I help people with a wide range of issues, including back or neck pain, rehabilitation after hip surgery, improving a golf swing, jaw dysfunction, recovery from stroke, balance, confidence, breathing etc.

Many of my clients are professional people who want to lessen the ill-effects of spending long hours sitting at a computer – i.e. improve posture, relieve shoulder/neck/arm tension.

My philosophy is to empower my clients to help themselves.


I came to the Feldenkrais Method from a background of therapeutic massage and yoga. I tried many systems that gave me relief from back and neck pain, but it was always temporary. Then I discovered Feldenkrais and found it addressed underlying causes of unconscious postural and muscular habits.

As a professional massage therapist, I found many of my clients also need help with changing their habits, so that they don’t keep slipping back into painful patterns.

The activities that I enjoy in life – dancing, gardening, walking, reading...have all become more comfortable and enjoyable thanks to the Method. Mentally, I am more relaxed, more optimistic, and more able to find solutions to life’s challenges thanks to the more fluid thinking process the Method encourages.

Practitioner Profiles

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