Practitioner Profiles

Jane Gillespie

Feldenkrais Training: Wellington 2010

Utopia House, Dunedin.
(03) 477-2290 or (03) 477-8644
(027) 526-2674
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Text and Photo from Otago Daily Times article 28 May 2011 ...

"Jane Gillespie comes from a yoga and Pilates teaching background."

A netball knee injury from her teenage years created an imbalance through her body, she says. Feldenkrais shifted that dysfunction and improved the function of the knee and the body relative to the knee, so the knee imbalance doesn't impede anything now."

"It's freed me up from a whole lot of things I wanted to free up from and there's been a huge amount of letting go. It's improved my movement and changed the way I interact with the world - I'm more relaxed and easier."

"Over the four-year training course, she claims Feldenkrais has created change in her life. Change is not always easy and can be disruptive, but in hindsight the change has been positive."

Practitioner Profiles

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