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Nicky Tompkins

Feldenkrais Training: Wellington 2010

(021) 543-153
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Text and Photo from Otago Daily Times article 28 May 2011 ...

As a result of an injury Nicky Tompkins couldn't turn her head to park the car properly. Living in Wellington at the time, she tried chiropractic, osteopathy and massage treatments, which were all helpful, but after a few months she'd be back in the same position, she says.

"I was recommended to a Feldenkrais practitioner called Elke Dunlop who remains my mentor and through her individual treatment I lost the difficulty in my neck and shoulder and back, and I came to realise that it's not until you change the way you use your body that you can sidle out of these habits that cause pain. So that for me was a big lightbulb, that this is really different, everything else you need to practise or keep doing it, and this was a new approach."

When she moved to Queenstown she decided to train as a Feldenkrais practitioner as there was no-one offering the method there, she says.

Practitioner Profiles

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