Practitioner Profiles

Gisella Warmenhoven

Wellington Training 2010.
I am also a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique (1996)

Based in Tauranga
Ph 07 544 4823, 027 286 0891
email Gisella

From early childhood I was interested in pleasing, graceful movement and my path brought me via sports, dance , drama  to the Feldenkrais method.
I teach individuals and classes. My clients are children and adults interested in improving themselves and letting go of unwanted habits and restricting movement patterns. I work with musicians, horse-riders, athletes, chronic pain patients etc.

I have a background as a landscaper and spend a lot of time in my garden growing vegetables and fruit-trees.
My other interests are meditation, people, languages and movies.

Visit my facebook page at 

Practitioner Profiles

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