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Rupert Watson

Feldenkrais Training – New Zealand 2002

Wairarapa & Wellington
P: 06-308 9686
M: 027-585 3822
W: Move With Ease
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I became a Feldenkrais practitioner in 2002 after a career of communications and advocacy in local government and international relations.

I take classes and workshops in Wellington city and the Wairarapa, both for the public, and in workplaces, such as Parliament and DOC head office.

I run workshops for athletes and musicians, reflecting some of my personal interests as a runner and musician.

Run for your Life is a series I do for runners of all ages “who want to go the distance.” Good Moves for Musicians helps players and singers tune their bodies to better play their instruments.

I love to experiment with my Feldenkrais material, sometimes going back to the classics as taught by Moshe, and then making my own variations. I’m also grateful to other practitioners and trainers for their published or recorded lessons.

I was deeply involved in professional Feldenkrais organizations, the NZFG and the IFF, for a number of years, when they needed immediate support from New Zealand practitioners.  I am proud that my efforts contributed a great deal to consolidate our community at a crucial time, enabling new practitioners to come through and begin to establish themselves. It isn’t easy, but it is very rewarding.

At an age when many of my contemporaries feel washed out and are contemplating retirement, I find myself loving what I do more than ever.  

As my website blurb says: “In the 90s I got into a range of ways to develop and improve my performance – Iyengar yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique, Chi Qong, Hellerwork  and meditation – then I found a Feldenkrais class and it knocked the rest for six. While completely different,  Feldenkrais delivers the best of what the others offer, and it is so accessible, affordable and easy. I was hooked!” 

Practitioner Profiles

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